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This clickbank affiliate site case study is good case for everyone. I believe everyone can create as this site and start to make money from it. The clickbank affiliate site use the hot clickbank product. This product was called Diabetes free. The diabetes is problem for most people. In UK, 3.5 millon peoples have this problem. Diabetes is a condition where the amount of glucose in your blood is too high because the body cannot use it properly. (See more in this site)

1, this site is based on the hottest product on Clickbank ‘Diabetes Free’, with 400+ gravity, plus the site is ranked #1 in Yahoo and Bing for many keywords. I’ve got over 1000$ in Sales in just 42 days.

You might have already heard about the hottest product on entire CB marketplace, ‘Diabetes Free’. This site is ranked #1 on many keywords for ‘Diabetes Free’ product. I’ve already done SEO work for you.

Technology used

This website based on wordpress. It ‘s simple and to manage site. The site use only 1 landing page to get traffic and covert for sale. This landing page are valuable content

Good landing page

Make your landing for look professional is important. The owner site also use social share for get traffic from social media.

I found the good example landing page. I hope you will optimize your landing page in below


As you can see, This landing page example has all element for good landing page. You can use this template for make sure the landing page are look good.

Domain & Hosting
From own site data this domain is registered and hosted on I highly reccommend bluehost for create your site.

Keyword target


The most keyword are convert for making money clickbank, These product keywords are used for get traffic because of most reader looking for this product. That is why these keywords are effective and convert.
Traffic and Revenue
After just 4 days of publishing the site, I got over 113$ in sales in just 1 day. You can have over 2 sales in just one day. From just one sale, you can make over 30$ (or even more). It is just a matter of luck. If you are into Clickbank, then you may already know that, Traffic doesn’t matter in Affiliate marketing. My site is receiving an average of 20 to 30 visitors a day, sometimes 40 to 50.


As you can see in earning proof, this site is not complex, but own site can make $871.18 in 1 month.


This is a good case study for clickbank affiliate. This site is not complex, you only create awesome content relate buyer optimize your landing page. Using social media share with your site will help you to get more traffic without find backlink. If the visitors like your articles, they will share your site with their friends.

Concept to create clickbank affiliate site

  • Choose clickbank product (diabete free)
  • Market research and find keyword idea (I have use Lontailpro)
  • Regis domain name relate clickbank product (use
  • Create website by use wordpress, which each is easy to use and manage  (I am using Bluehost)
  • Write high quality content include article (I will write byself or hire someone from textbroker ) Video content (simple create by use Explaindio video creator)
  • Choose the professional theme (I am use DIY theme)
  • Promote website by use social media, article submission, high pr website or hire someone to make it (I am use Seoclerks It ‘s simple and some work start only $1)
  • See the result from google analytics and improve your website from data
  • See the best result


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