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Making a lot of money from clickbank is finding much traffic find quality backlink or create quality content. The clickbank affiliate site in this post is great case study for everyone who want to create health site. Health niche is evergreen niche that mean you make money from niche which are different seasonable niche. The clickbank case study site in this post will show you idea for make money with clickbank .

 You will see idea how to make money clickbank with Health & Fitness Category from owner site

Seller’s Notes

Well Established Professional Clickbank Product Review in Health & Fitness Category

It’s usually around $1000 being hold until the next payment date.

If you are considering developing a website aligned to the affiliate marketing, then this is one not to miss

Earn money part-time or make a great living full time the choice is yours

Earning Monthly Passive Income..

Here are Health Review Center Stats:

Sum of 2013 Paychecks: $33,598.79

Sum of 2014 Paychecks: $5,084.71 (As of Mar 20th, 2014)


What Is This Site About?

This site built based-on WordPress – incredibly easy to use – SEO-friendly theme, HTML5, Responsive & amazingly fast(invested $600 for optimizing the site friendlier with search engines and readers & many premium plugins included)

– More than 900 popular Clickbank Health product reviews..

– More than 100 blog articles about Health & Fitness general tips & advice….

– Over 50 Scam report articles for people to decide to choose better products (tell people something bad and recommend something worth -> build your credibility and brand awareness).

– Traffic: Google Analytics say it ALL, please check the attachments for GA verified reports. Site is currently around 30,000 unique visitors/month (around 1000/day)

Page Rank 5 for home page and More than 300 internal pages with PR..

– Alexa Rank under 180k.

– Completely 100% Unique Content…

– Over 1,600 Pages Indexed in Google

– Already Invested around $15,000 (the majority/80% of the investment was during the first year and a half) and earned over $40,000 till date.. Life Events

I was the one developed this website in 2012, and I was extremely busy at the time as I got 2 physical businesses to run, thus I gave my friend the blueprint to develop this website further.

In Feb, 2013, I sold one of my physical businesses, I was interested in acquiring the site (Health RC) back and I got a DEAL.

I have worked hard on making this site grow, and have successfully done it.

What’s Included?

  • Social media accounts (Facebook Fanpage 5800 fans (Page Rank 4),
  • Domain transfer (NameCheap)
  • Server upload: I will upload all site files to your server (should you want me to? (server access required))
  • Ongoing support and advice during transition and for the immediate future.
  • Even if have forgotten to mention something, just know that I want to give you everything to help you set this up, and to earn from it. I don’t want to keep anything to myself.

Ps: I haven’t used PPC and PPV or even sold any ads spaces in HealthReviewCenter. Thus, if you can spend sometimes to work on it every day.


What does you receive from this site?

You will see idea from seller note about this site. You have a lot of ideas for create contents in your site such as

  • Health product review
  • How to in any health niche relate clickbank product
  • and more to help people solve health problem

How To Make More Money From This Site?

This site is not specific any niche, not  make money only clickbank, There are countless methods of monetization you could use on this site

From pay per click such as Google AdSense, CPM, CPA, affiliate networks, sponsored links etc. The opportunities are almost endless. You can even use all these methods at once if you choose. If you are particularly keen to using affiliate networks, this site can be a fantastic way to get targeted traffic to your offers.

I am currently using Clickbank affiliate program and the site is producing consistent income per month consistently. I am giving only clickbank stats (because this is what am currently using) but there are lot more ways to make money from this website.

Also I’ll give you the complete blueprint (steps) to expand this website if you need to and give you the contact persons (freelancers) for writing new content, as per the steps I’ll provide you. Its very easy and will maintain its ranking and traffic.

Concept to create clickbank affiliate site

  • Choose clickbank product (Health product)
  • Market research and find keyword idea (I have use Lontailpro)
  • Regis domain name relate clickbank product (use
  • Create website by use wordpress, which each is easy to use and manage  (I am using Bluehost)
  • Write high quality content include article (I will write byself or hire someone from textbroker ) Video content (simple create by use Explaindio video creator)
  • Choose the professional theme (I am use DIY theme)
  • Promote website by use social media, article submission, high pr website or hire someone to make it (I am use Seoclerks It ‘s simple and some work start only $1)
  • See the result from google analytics and improve your website from data
  • See the best result

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