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This clickbank affiliate site “” will show you how he successfully create great clickbank affiliate site. From my research, I found this site is on good ranking in variety keyword about this website. That mean this site will get more traffic from Search engine. You can see site detail from owner’s site in below


Website feature:
– 3 y/o Extensive Self-Help Blog
– Ranking Top 20 in Google for 2,299 Keywords
– Ranked #1 for “How to Stop Smoking Weed” and “How to Quit Smoking Weed”
– Good User Engagement (1.34 Pages/Session and 1:21 Avg. Session Duration)
– All Articles and Content are included in the Sale

I think this great information for people who are looking good case study for build clickbank authority website. See site detail from owner in this below

Owner’s website Notes

I started this website in May of 2013. It was one of my first forays into internet marketing. I spent a lot of time on it in the first couple of months building the core of it and writing articles for backlinks.

In early 2015, I had quite nearly forgotten about it but noticed that I had finally climbed to the top of the second page of Google. At the time, the site only consisted of five pages but since I was seeing traction, I decided to start a blog as part of the site.

Thereafter, it slowly began to climb, first to the bottom of the first page, then by August 2015 I was #3 and that is when I made my first sale. With this tiny little success, I kept adding blog posts and by October I was #1 in Google for “how to quit smoking weed”. The site has kept this #1 ranking ever since.

Keyword research shows that at least 1000 people per day search the internet with search terms like “how to quit smoking weed”, “how to stop smoking weed”, “quit weed”, etc.

The purpose of the site is to help the site visitor in three ways:

  • Validate what they’ve been going through in trying to control the marijuana habit
  • Walk them through the various options in dealing with the problem
  • Offer an alternative online program (affiliate product) if they decide that they prefer to avoid more traditional methods

The typical customer is someone who has smoked marijuana for a number of years and tried to quit or minimize the habit on several occasions with little or no success.

The sale includes the domain name, the pen name “Rick Neilson” which I use for the site, and all content that I own within the site. The sale also includes all social media accounts related to the site so long as we abide by those platform’s rules and regulations.

The reason I am interested in selling is that I simply do not feel as engaged with the topic as I used to be plus I have other projects not related to this topic that I want to give more time and energy.


This site is centered on pre-selling a ClickBank digital product called Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide.

This product includes:

  • A comprehensive eBook on quitting marijuana
  • An eBook on marijuana detox
  • A 7 part video series
  • A 3 part mp3 audio series

I am an affiliate of this product, not the owner. My average commission per sale is $42.00.clickbank-earning

Net revenue from that first sale in August 2015 to April 2016 was $16,954 or roughly $1,884.00 per month.

The new owner of the site would simply have to get their own account with ClickBank and replace my affiliate links with their affiliate links.

As of right now, I don’t believe there are any barriers to joining ClickBank or becoming an affiliate of the Quit Marijuana product. If the new owner had any concerns about this they could join ClickBank and apply to be an affiliate of the product prior to making an offer just to make sure there were no problems.

A visit to my site will show that the home page and other landing pages are geared toward getting the prospect to click on a link to the affiliate product.

I also have a “resources” page that provides the visitor with other options besides the Quit Marijuana affiliate product, including totally free resources, Amazon books that are monetized through my Amazon affiliate account, and another ClickBank affiliate product called Total Detox Friend.

However, I reiterate that virtually all revenue from the site is generated through the Quit Marijuana affiliate product.

Time Requirement/Operations

For the last three months, I have spent about 5 hours per week writing one new blog post per week, answering occasional emails, and doing minimal social engagement activity mainly through Pinterest but also through Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

So if someone wanted to purchase this site as a “turnkey” opportunity, they would spend the same amount of time but if they wanted to optimize the site for more conversions, sales, etc., obviously there would be a greater time investment, at least at the outset.

I am the only person who has ever been involved in the operation of the site.

How to promote this product

SEO has been the primary marketing method. The home page is pretty well optimized for the search terms “how to quit smoking weed”, “how to stop smoking weed”, and “quit smoking weed”.

The home page has ranked #1 in Google for the past six months for those terms. It also ranks #2 for “quit weed” and I have a blog post that ranks #1 for “marijuana relapse”.

The home page also ranks #1 in Yahoo for “how to quit smoking weed” but in Bing I’m on the third page.

I never purchased traffic per se but I did purchase 5 “high authority” links in May 2015 from an SEO service called

I did do some article posting with backlinks to the site back in 2013 through Go Articles, Ezine Articles, Amazines, Article Blast, Self Growth, Article City, Self Growth, Tumblr, etc.

I’ve done one guest post this year on a blog called and 5 posts in

In 2016, my main focus has been adding 1 original blog post per week and then sharing those articles on Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.

To my knowledge, I have never been penalized in the search engines.


  • Newsletter: This may be the most significant opportunity for the site. I have run a couple of different experiments with a newsletter with mixed results. While I am able to get subscribers and open rates of 40% & up, I do not get conversions from my emails which is why you do not currently see a sign up form on my home page. Someone experienced with pre-selling through an email list could really take advantage of my site rankings and traffic.
  • Social Profile: While I do have Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr accounts connected to the site, in all honesty my social engagement efforts have been hit or miss.
  • SEO: The home page ranks well (#1 for 3 longtail terms) but internal pages and blog posts could be better optimized.
  • Conversions: Someone with more experience copywriting and pre-selling may be able to get more sales of the main affiliate product and other products.
  • Engagement: As per Google Analytics, the current bounce rate is 84.88%.



Probably the main competition comes from the owner of Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide who also promotes his product. However, my experience as his affiliate has been very positive. I have reached out to him for assistance and suggestions on a number of occasions and he has always been extremely helpful. It’s apparent that he believes his success is directly connected to his affiliate’s success.

There are a couple of websites that I’m aware of that also promote his product but they do not rank near as well in the search engines that I do and they don’t have near as much content as I do. I currently have 28 pages and 65 posts in my site. I think most of his affiliates do promotion from YouTube and social media where I do not spend as much time.

Additional Info

  • I have produced all the written content. There are a several videos embedded within the site that come from my affiliate vendor, YouTube, Ted Talks, or Vimeo.
  • The new owner would naturally have to observe the copyrights and intellectual property of the affiliate products promoted in the site.
  • The site has used the WordPress platform from the beginning.
  • I use the Thesis theme from in my site which means the new owner would have to purchase a license to that theme if he or she wanted to continue using it. A one site license to that theme costs $164.00 (their support is awesome.)
  • My hosting account is with Bluehost. The new owner would have to get his own account there if he/she wanted to continue using them and the transfer would be an easy fix.
  • There are no ad networks or direct advertising involved.
  • I do not have a customer database.
  • I do have a miniscule email list hosted by Aweber. It’s only about 75 names and I would just as soon not include them in the sale. At one time I accumulated 330 subscribers in a two month time frame but like an idiot I deleted them all when I deleted the campaign they were associated with. I say this only to illustrate that it’s fairly easy to get a nice subscriber list going from my site with a well placed opt-in form – if only you know what to do with them when you get them.
  • I do have other projects in totally unrelated markets. So, I would be willing to sign a no compete clause in the quit weed niche.
  • As for geographical limitations, I can only say that I’ve made sales in at least 10 different countries and I get visitors to the site from all over the world. However, there may be some countries where freedom of speech laws make it less than ideal to own a website that deals with the subject matter that mine does.

From Owner’s site detial, I think you will get more idea. I have some advice to create building affiliate site.

Concept of this site

  • Choose clickbank product (Quit marijuanna)
  • Market research and find keyword idea (I have use Lontailpro)
  • Regis domain name relate clickbank product (use
  • Create website by use wordpress, which each is easy to use and manage  (I am using Bluehost)
  • Write high quality content include article (I will write byself or hire someone from textbroker ) Video content (simple create by use Explaindio video creator)
  • Choose the professional theme (I am use DIY theme)
  • Promote website by use social media, article submission, high pr website or hire someone to make it (I am use Seoclerks It ‘s simple and some work start only $1)
  • See the result from google analytics and improve your website from data
  • See the best result

There are good details from own site. This owner’s site choose good niche and low competition. I hope you see detail and start to make money with clickbank. Please let us know, if you have any question


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