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The clickbank affiliate case study site post was created for help to find idea How to choose niche, how does website can make money from clickbank and How much traffic start to earn income.

Some case study in blog are old information but still for good information and example now. You can apply and improve your website better web case study.

In this post, This case study is interest for study. I just found this site and have interest niche. From my market research, this niche is one problem for most peoples. This website offer solve this problem about this niche. That is why this website still made income autopilot.

Site Features –

  • Ranking High For Many Highly Relevant Keywords
  • $300-$400 a month with autopilot  income
  • Free organic affiliate traffic that produces on autopilot
  • Crafted extremely well to produce the highest conversions
  • Extremely hungry market

Site History

This site was started as a review site for Clickbank products, I have tested many products from clickbank and other blushing affiliate sites, “Miracle Track Hypnosis – Stop Blushing Hypnosis” performs the best.

As of now, the site has 5.1 MozRank and 18 Domain Authority. Any content on that you put on the domain will rank very quickly.

This site ranks in the top 5 for almost every keyword in the blushing Niche “How to stop blushing” “cure blushing” “Stop Blushing” “Erythrophobia” “Erythrophobia Cure” “Eradicane” “Blushing cure“.

All these high rankings can be improved even more with a few more relative backlinks. Or you can leave how is and earn the same.

Clickbank affiliate product

This site promote clickbank affiliate product was called “Miracle track hypnosis”.  This product relate content on this site.

Monetization Method

The site is ranked in the Top #1-5 for main product keywords and gets organic search traffic which turns into affiliate sales.


Technology Used –

The site is built based on WordPress platform, which is incredibly simple to use. No need to know any technical html codes. As I am sure you already know, WordPress is the largest, most famous and easiest website platform to work with. If any little problem occurs, it is easy to find the answer to fix it on the internet or in the Wordpress forums or on YouTube.  Plus, I will be more than happy to help you if there is any problem in the beginning.

Content on the site

Most content in this site are articles about blushing cure and have useful information. In each post will contain affiliate clickbank product link. When reader read the articles on site and found relate link as affiliate link, they will click link for see detail more. This concept are most used for promote affiliate link.

Site Maintenance 

I let this site go for a while in SEO terms as I have been very busy with another couple large projects. Last month I did a small amount of SEO which has increased traffic for January and will continue to get a bit more traffic in the coming months. If you get some more relative backlinks you could easily double what it is making now. I just don’t have the time.

At this point, this site is earning a passive income and still earn with passive income in the future. I hope you will get idea from this post and start make money via your affiliate site. The tips I want to share with you, that content on your site is most important. You should emphasize your content which is useful for your reader. You will surely get long term income. Please let us know, if you have any question. I would like to see your comment in below.

Concept to create clickbank affiliate site

  • Choose clickbank product (Miracle track hypnosis)
  • Market research and find keyword idea (I have use Lontailpro)
  • Regis domain name relate clickbank product (use
  • Create website by use wordpress, which each is easy to use and manage  (I am using Bluehost)
  • Write high quality content include article (I will write byself or hire someone from textbroker ) Video content (simple create by use Explaindio video creator)
  • Choose the professional theme (I am use DIY theme)
  • Promote website by use social media, article submission, high pr website or hire someone to make it (I am use Seoclerks It ‘s simple and some work start only $1)
  • See the result from google analytics and improve your website from data
  • See the best result

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