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I write this post because I want to share my experience about name with clickbank, and clickbank affiliate site case study is good idea for everyone who want to start study how to affiliate marketer pro clickbank product.  I believe detail will help motivate you earning from clickbank isn’t difficult. Some information  maybe old but you can get ideas for these sites for apply in your site. site

I found this site in 2013 after I want to promote woodworking clickbank product. Woodworking is activity for people who love build woodcraft,and is still evergreen niche. You can promote about this niche product in all year. Teds woodworking is product of this affiliate site.

Teds Woodworking Plans details

Teds woodworking was created by Ted Mcgrath who is woodworking expert.  This product is recently ranked the #1 best seller in the Home & Garden category on Clickbank.

teds woodworking

Who are target of this product?

  • People who looking woodworking plan for hobbies
  • People who looking woodworking plan for business

I will find more keyword ideas and low competition keyword with Long Tail Pro.

Teds Woodworking sells you membership to their website which allows access to over 16,000 woodworking plans, over 150 woodworking videos, and also free software to draw up or edit your own woodworking plans.  This site ’s been growing in popularity since July 2010, and sells per affiliate are still on the rise. Product sales for $67, and you get 75% of product sale.  This clickbank affiliate site also offer a discount link and sale it for $47 (which I have done and I recommend).  They also offer secondary offers to buyers  to increase your earnings per sale.


Teds woodworking rank

From my search google, I found is currently ranked #2 in Google, Bing, and Yahoo for the search term “Teds Woodworking” and relate keyword about this keyword.  It receives very targeted traffic from this as people search for this product to learn more or purchase and see the $20 Discount Link in the search.  This draws in a lot of buyers and I recommend leaving the SEO title as is as it works well. The successful of this site is using trademark domain name and use special discount in title tag. static teds woodworking

From google analytic stat, This site get traffic around 500 visitors/ month and have low bounce rate due to most visitor live this site they are looking information before purchase this product

teds woodworking revenue

In picture above show clickbank sale from this site. If own this site can find traffic more, I ensure they will get more money offer benefit information about teds woodworking products. Keyword “Ted woodworking” and show awesome title When audience check in this website they will get information about teds woodworking before decide to buy this product. All content on sites are relate about Teds woodworking. It ‘s not simple to make money with affiliate product

earn proof

As you can see the product receive high conversion rate due to this site find right audience and promote good product.

What do you get an idea from this Clickbank affiliate site?

The concept of this affiliate site are use trademark and create useful content on site.  This site is a good case study for less traffic but can target buyer potential. Sometime You don’t need more traffic. You need to know what is your audience want Why do they purchase this product.

This affiliate site shows how to make money clickbank with use trademark  name. They chose trademark name by use domain name .org

The concept from this site which you can apply to make money

  • Create valuable content about product
  • Use product’s product in domain name
  • Promote your website on board social media
  • Study depth information about product for support your prospects
  • Make sure your site are look professional (your site should have “about us” “affiliate disclaimer” and “contact us”)
  • Join forum, article submission or social media relate your niche and place your website

This is one important for promote clickbank product. They will purchase or not it depend your site have in-depth information. Make your your site are look professional. I hope this site will help you to receive idea to start make money with clickbank. I will try to find other clickbank affiliate site Please let us know if you have any question.


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