My first cheque from clickbank

It ‘s have been around 2 years I have joined Clickbank. In first 3 months, I can’t make money any from Clickbank. I think making money on internet ‘s not possible.IMG_0225

In the photo above, this is my first cheque from Clickbank. This is first cheque and last cheque for me.

Please do not get me wrong, I only change payment method from cheque as direct deposited because I feel the long time to get money in my bank.

Why should you choose direct deposited?

I live without USA, It have many process to get cash by cheque. I need waste time to get paid by cheque 60 days. In first,  I don’t know how to change direct deposited option. I recommended you choose direct deposit. You will get rapidly payment from this option and you don’t worry if cheque maybe lost while sending to you.

It hasn’t anything simply get it. You need effort and intention to reach your goal. I’m not still clickbank expert and try to find the technique to make money more. I hope my experience and blog post will help you start make money

“Nothing change human without they have target”

My few tips for make money with clickbank past 2 years agos

  • Find clickbank product and research product
  • Do market reasearch (Finding prospect)
  • Create content, there are many ways to create clickbank product (Blog post or Video content)
  • Promote your content via traffic source (Social media, forum or blog post)

I’d like to see you comment in this below. Thank you for read my post.

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