How do top affiliate marketer promote clickabank?

Many people are looking to make extra income online as consultant to learn to generate profits with ClickBank. When you have tried this kind of thing for a while (and if you’re like me when I started), you probably spent a “lot and 1,000 dollars in information products describing dramatic, complex and difficult ways to earn money online. In this article, I will offer a simple step that will help you start making money using ClickBank affiliate network in the next seven days!

how to make money with clickbank

This is a strategy that will take longer, but the end result will be much more effective than the usual formula hit and run. There are step by steps to to promote clickbank by top affiliate marketers are used to make money.

Guys, when you say that the money is in the list followed the advice, because the money is really in the list. Take a look at the world’s largest Internet Marketer as John Chow, Chris Farrell and many more. All of them have their own list.

I will reveal 8 steps to promote clickbank by top affiliate marketer are used
Step 1 – Select the niche Earn with Clickbank
So now we go on Clickbank and choose our niche, we make an example with infoproduct Wellness, Weight Loss or Hobbies. On themarket there is a ten products of this niche. Choose the ones that you want to promote on the basis of various factors such as Price, Gravity Popularity and Popular trends. Once you are ready you go to next step.

Step 2: Find a ClickBank product

Keep this simple reality and head on over to ClickBank and click on the market and click on the categories on the left side of the page. Be sure to pay attention to the categories which are based on making more money, or a meeting of health and fitness. There are three markets that provoke strong emotions. Shopping for selections are emotional decisions, so that the greatest feelings attached to this volume / product or niche, then the more money to be made!

Find a product in the list that has a weight of about 15-40. A product with great seriousness of this means that it is a product sale, which is associated with money, but it is not too competitive.

Step 3: Create a web page or website

This is not as difficult as it seems. before creating any blog (use free blog  such as blogger or self host such as wordpress ) or website or squeeze page, take a pen and paper and make it clear ideas, You can create a simple and attractive web page with a blog site builder / Web free like Blogger or Weebly. These companies make it very easy to create eye-catching web pages and are totally free to use “level-and-click” know-how, which means it is not necessary to have skills coding or something boring!

When creating your site / Web page you want to write an article (about 400 words) regarding the product you have chosen and how it helped / solved the problem. You want to try to have the ClickBank hyperlink to the beginning and end of your article. You also want guantee the article is effective control of product that could promote it.
Step 4 – Create a Free Ebook
This step is crucial to the success of this business model. Create an Ebook or you can also commisionare someone that I will prepare. Once it’s ready you can put him on a landing page where users can download it for free. There are many services for the creation of a landing page that is used Instabuilder, which adds to their site as a Plugin. Really effective.
Step 5 – Send traffic to the landing Page
For people who download your free ebook should be aware of the presence of this information ebook not much page but need useful, so we try to bring traffic to the page. The best tools to do this are campaigns Pay per Click or use the SEO (create authority blog) to optimize your website and get free targeted visits. This is a factor that depends on you, if you have a small amount to invest or not.
Step 6 – Collect emails through an Autoresponder
How to make money with clickbank – Aweber
Having an autoresponder service is a vital tool as I mentioned before. Anyone who has a website now uses a similar service for email targherizzate of potential customers. One of the best services is certainly Aweber. The monthly cost is about $ 14. Aweber makes it possible for anyone to try out the service just $ 1 for the first month (about 70 cents).
Step 7 – Send automated emails
Once you set up your model will automate the process. So what is the best way if the email written by you, which are sent automatically? Prepare emails with some clickbank products in the same niche. Just find the product and put the link inside the email, in order to be sent to the person who has registered.
Step 8 – See your result and improve
How to make money with Clickbank – Commissions
Last step is to look at their earnings on Clickbank. If you have everything set up in the manner described, you should see first results and improve your landing page. The more time passes, the more the results will increase due to the increase in subscribers.


– Find niche marketing

– Choose a variety of products in the same niche can promote

– Create website by use blogger or wordpress

– Create an Ebook that you can distribute for free with a landing page

– Send traffic to the landing page

– Collect emails through an autoresponder

– Automatic send email to your subscribers

– Look at the end result

Here are three simple and fast methods to drive site visitors to your web page:

1. Write articles on a number of points mentioned in the product you sell, and links to your site at the bottom of your article. You can send your articles to dozens of article directories all over the web.

2. Join the forum that product issues, we speak of the review, and frame discussions there. Configure the signature hyperlink to hyperlinks to your web page and leave feedback useful and interesting questions about some of the discussions in the forum.

3. Go back to your blog in the niche of the product you are promoting and leave comments on their posts. There is a part where you can go through your website with the offer to people to click and visit.

And that’s all there is to it. This three-stage system is all that is required to make your first dollar online and it is very simple, which should take less than a week to implement and earn some money.

“This is one of the strategies to promote that I have personally tested, and I am satisfied with the results.

My opinion

The successful technique happen from using unique content and long time for build good relationship between author and audience. After audience trust you Whether you are selling  or recommended anything they will buy because they trust you (but that product will high quality too). It ‘s effective more than landing page   Audience will believe this product is great due to you show any niche expert. The difference between sending the link of the product directly to visitors (“Direct Linking”) to sell and between this technique, instead of directly addressing visitors to the product and then losing them and no longer have any way to contact them, begin to create a list of visitors who have registered by mail, and I begin as I said to send them via mail the product I chose then to their interests, every day, every week, every month, every year, and sell more to them when I want to, because I have their email address !! and believe me, this is the best way to make money with ClickBank.

And as I think almost all of us will have bought some product on the internet, take the example of Amazon, just buy some product, he starts to send me every single day an e-mail that contains many products more or less similar to the one I bought, thinking It could interest me, so I buy from them again! this is called Email Marketing (in the next post I will talk about Email Marketing), and believe me it works and how, because if I bought once from them, would buy again for sure, and many other times.

Of course, although you will find it a bit difficult at the beginning, even if it is not, just to understand how it works, because as soon as you understand how to make it go, everything will become automatic and you’ll have to just stand there looking at the money coming in slowly plan, the method is this:

What you strategies you used to earn with affiliations? I ‘d like to hear you comment in below




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