How I made $50 clickbank when start new blog in 3 days


I just test my previous post step by step to make money with clickbank. I want to show this result from to this technique. It ‘s not much but newbie can start do it. In picture, I have made $50 from my new blog, I start create this blog within 5 hours. Then, show profit result after 3 days.

I have some tips from my experience make ensure you can start to effectively make money with clickbank.

Find your niche

Niche market research is first thing you should to do . It ‘s maybe your passion, If not should be thing interest. It will help you don’t give up before to get income. Your niche should have demand, people in that niche can paid to buy something about niche.

Example for niche

how to be great writer?

How to be pro golf?

Way to cure hair loss?

What are effective lose weight for women?

Choose Clickbank product

After that pick clickbank product relate you niche. When I choose the product from clickbank. You can see in this post how to choose Clickbank product. I will see high gravity, evergreen and low refund. High gravity is not necessary it depend your niche. I have some product from clickbank which haven’t high gravity but have high conversion rate.

MArket and Keyword research

Keyword research is not same market research. Market research will help you find possibly of your niche market. It have demand enough to make money in that niche while keyword research will help you get possibly idea to create awesome content and what people are looking? I do keyword research for find keyword which have low competition and get new idea to create useful unique content. I always use Long tail pro and market samurai to see how that keyword possibly to high rank and get traffic.

Content creating 

Content creating is thing indicate you will get traffic more. Keyword research is not valuable if your content have low quality. High quality content will  you get long term traffic. Creating unique content in my opinion is unique angle content (include articles, image or video) that can use people to solve their problem. I recommend you think you are teacher more than writer. If you think that, you will try more discuss for simply understand and have in depth detail. Bring affiliate link insert in your content should suggest more sale. How product can solve their problem? Why people buy this product?

Finding traffic

Traffic is important thing to indicate how much you make money. You will see simple equation

More traffic = More money

In my opinion, If your blog have more useful content which can solve their problem. you will get return visitor wait awesome content for you. If you have more traffic, make money from clickbank is not difficult. I have found post how to find traffic to your website. This guide will help you to find idea to get more traffic

Test and analyze your result

Nothing are the best thing in first. You need improve thing for the better result. Finding result from your traffic. What your page have high traffic tracking your page what your page can get more traffic. From photo above, it is not still to get commission everyday (not stable). I need track my data for improve my performance.

Clickbank can promote in worldwide

Your target is not only people in united state or 1- tier country. Try to sell clickbank product without united states. 2-tier country is great way to promote clickbank product. You maybe find other language product such as Italy, German or French.

Making money on internet is possible and everyone can do it. I begin from not have any knowledge. You will know result by yourself when you do and test it. I hope my tips will help you to make more money with clickbank. If you have question, don’t hesitate to let me know. I am waiting your comment and would like see your comment in below







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