How to make money clickbank with google alerts

There are many ways to make money with clickbank. I have already how does top affiliate marketer make money with clickbank. In this post, I will explain one effective way to make money with Clickbank and it ‘s simple for newbies. This technique for make money Clickbank with use google alerts.

What is Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is tool which help you receive great information. If someone post new article such as news article or video, you will receive alert and send to your email.

I use Google Alert for find new idea and relate in my niche blog to join the community.

ckickbank+google alert


Setting google alert is easy to use. You can follow along me how I set up google alerts.


Google alerts setting

From picture above to select in each part

  1. Choose interest word or term which you interest such as weight loss, play football etc.
  2. Choose How often to receive alerts. I chose once a day
  3. Source I choose to blog because many blog have comment system you can join their community and place your affiliate link
  4. Language : English (If your target is not english language)
  5. Region : Select country
  6. How many : Only the best results
  7. Deliver to : your email




When you complete google alerts form. They will send alerts via your email. You can see new post for get idea and join their comment.


When you have already setup google alerts. Here are steps by steps how I use Google alerts to make money with clickbank

Step 1 Find Clickbank product (5-10 products)

Step 2 Find your keyword relate clickbank product

Step 3 Set google alerts by use all your to keyword

Step 4 Build your money site (I highly recommended wordpress) or use clickbank affiliate link

Step 5  Find relate blog comment. Join their comment and place your affiliate link

How to effective comment on other blog

This is important part to use this technique. Blog will read comment before they approved. If you comment as spam include your comment not relate their blog, it ‘s impossible to see your comment in their blog. In finally, you will waste your time by you can’t receive anything. (If they reject your comment, it surely people will not see your link too.)

  • Useful information
  • Relate content
  • Honestly explain
  • Ask question
  • Your link need valuable

This is a guide to comment in other blog. In example, I choose keyword “yeast infection” in my google alert. When someone post new yeast infection content, I will receive alert in my email. After that I will see yeast infection content list, I found article which can I place my link

Name : Natural cure yeast infection

Email: your email

Website : your affiliate link

Comment : “I am now with my partner for 4 years and last year I started getting vaginal yeast infection almost every month. I saw a gynecologist and got treatment and the next month I got the infection again, yet my results were all clear except for a mild infection. I also use metronidazole gel but I’m not too sure what the long term consequences are of using all this OTC medicines.I just found great natural cure for yeast infection.Internet is great place to find cure for everything, so you can check out this book that helped me to cure my rash:”

It is simply. You need to spend your time to find blog and write quality comment. You only find 5-10 products in varied niche and submit your 10-20 comments per day. You don’t need to do much in each day but you only do it everyday. I surely you will start see more click and commission as soon as possible.

You can find more comment system without comment in wordpress. This is my secret tips set up google alerts

Keyword “Disqus”

Keyword “livefyre”

Keyword “Facebook comments plugin”

In tips above, you will get more comment and some system still instant approve your comment.

Tips for use this technique

From my experience, you should place your website or your affiliate. Common own blog will check all comments before publish it (include your link). They don’t need their site look spam.   Someone don’t want affiliate link to show in their website, you maybe use your website (include affiliate link) replace affiliate link. Write useful comment in their blog which relate their topic buy your link are affiliate link. Imagine if your site are look spam

You can read more 5 creative uses for google alerts  you will get ideas to advance receive alerts. After I create my niche site. I begin drop quality comment in other blog about 1 month until my niche blog made first sale.

There are not complex to use technique. You just think out of the box to apply your google alert to create your unique way to make money with clickbank. If you have any question. Please don’t hesitate to let me know.


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