How to make money clickbank with youtube

I write this post for everyone, who want to create simple video and promote clickbank product with youtube. You will understand the concept and get the detail about how to make money clickbank via video marketing.

What is Clickbank?

Before to start the detail, let to know clickbank. Clickbank is large marketplace, and let us join them for promote their vendor product, they will be paid when visitor buy product via affiliate link. If anyone haven’t clickbank account, Sign up in here and get started


Find clickbank product

Finding clickbank product for promote is first step Product analytic will help you to find poplar or trend product. CBengine is great place for me to find product, they based on  collect all data about product such as:

  • Ranking product in category
  • Gravity
  • Commission

You also read more detail in this post about find clickbank product to promote. Try to find clickbank product relate niche for compare with the conversion rate per sell.

Market research

When you have selected the product, market research and study the behavior audience are important potential buyer.

  1. Why people need to buy this product?
  2. What are people looking for?
  3. What common problem in your niche?
  4. How does this product can solve their problem?

The above list will help you can identify your target decision.

Creating video for clickbank product

  • Find clickbank product
  • Find keyword for free
  • Create video with tools (I will discuss you about this in below)
  • Upload video in youtube
  • Promote video via social network

There are lots of idea for creating videos. Your video must have motivate your visitor

  • Product review
  • how to guide
  • Intro to clickbank product

In my opinion, Video time should not too short or long, it might be take time about 3-5 minutes to present visitors

How to create video?

There are many ways to make a video. There are both free and paid option.In below, I will show you how I create the video

power point (Free)

This is simple to start to create video with yourself. I begin create video with these guides

Create video with powerpoint

Create first video with powerpoint

Adding song in video in powerpoint

online  (Free)

Make the simple video with online website in below



Explaidio videocreator (Paid)

What is explaindiovideo creator?

Explaindio video creator is great program for create sketch, animation and presentation video. I have already use this tool to make video about clickbank product. You can download explaindio video creator in this link (my affiliate link)

Let start to create video

  1. Insert video sketch plan

2. Insert your sound and song

3. Export the video

I found great video guide how to use explaindio video creator. You can see the program in this link

If anyone want this program, you can get the program in this link  (my affiliate link)

Buy Explaindio Video creator via my affiliate link you will get bonus in below

  • 5 low competition niche clickbank product and keyword idea I can make money

  • Creating Video Products for Clickbank (Deep detail)

Hire freelance to create video (Paid)

For beginning, you can find freelance from fiverr and hire them create the video. The price begin start at $5

Make sure your slide are look like good to keep your audience.

There are lists video promote clickbank products. You can see idea for create video with yourself in below

Tinnitus miracle product

Venus factor review

Yeast infection no more and videos

These videos are simply make by use image or slide

Upload video on youtube

If you don’t have youtube account, sign up account and create channel. Then, upload your video and follow me in below youtube SEO

How to setup your video for SEO youtube 

Optimize your video ranking by using Search Engine Optimize.

Keyword in title

I will keyword research by use google keyword tool and write killer title example as below

“How does I get rid of yeast infection by the simple method “

“Create ….in just a minute with Clickbank product”

“How to make … per day with Clickbank product”


Write video detail about 300 words and drop your affiliate link in this description box.

Add video tag

Adding your tag relate with your video by use Ubersuggest tool to find many keyword relavant. You can tag any amount of keyword

Set up the logo and cover on your channel

Make sure your viewer will trust your channel by using professional logo. I already have use illustrator and canva for make logo.

In Canva, you can simply create both logo and cover. In paid option for anyone want to access more than 1,000,000 images and quality ($12 per month)

This is my example video for promote clickbank product via youtube


Affiliate marketers are still using this method to make a lot of money. Make sure your video are valuable for avoid report and close your channel. If your visitor feel your videos are scam, they will report video to youtube. Your account will be closed in finally.

Road map for make more than $50 per day with clickbank

  • Find clickbank product 3-5 products
  • Find keyword idea from ubersuggest or long tail pro about 50 keyword per products
  • Create video content from your keyword with my recommend tool in above
  • Upload your video on youtube, vimeo or video sharing site
  • Promote your video via social media

It’s quite simple steps you can follow along these plans. I would like to see your comment. Please let me know if you have any question


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