What is clickbank?

If you want to make money or join the company. They need creditable, reliable and legal.  I hope this article will help you understand about clickbank and ensure you can start with this affiliate network and help you reach your goal.


ClickBank is an online platform where people sell information products and create affiliate programs for their products. Clickbank has been around since 1998 and is thus one of the pioneers in the field of affiliate marketing. Basically, Clickbank more than one affiliate network, it is actually an online retailer, because with every transaction ClickBank is the seller. ClickBank has specialized in digital products and acts as an online merchant and affiliate network simultaneously, thus facilitating sellers and potential partners (affiliates) working.

The cycle looks like that retailers create a digital product (ebooks, videos, software, coaching, audio, membership etc.) and adjust it at Clickbank. Clickbank will checks the product and the sales page and there is free for sale and it appears in ClickBank Marketplace. The seller can then sell his product on regular routes – the entire sales process (payment, e-mail alerts, cancellations, etc.) accepts Clickbank.

The other big advantage is that very many affiliates pay attention to the product through the widespread use ClickBank and distribute it to the seller and get a commission for it much higher (on average between 50 and 75%). Thus, the seller, although much less the selling price due to the sales via the Affiliates, but a much more rapid and free distribution of its product and therefore sales.

How does clickbank paid to affiliate?

Clickbank will paid  when you get sales were made through at least 5 different credit card numbers, and two different payment methods (Visa / Mastercard / PayPal / debit). This condition prevents Affiliates could abuse the ClickBank Affiliate program by using their own account to make unauthorized collection of rebates and / or discounts on their purchases.

Furthermore ClickBank holds a small portion of the outstanding balance and writes it to the account only after 60 days amends to a “residue” of any quality problems with products (returns, cancellations, etc.) are to be.


The payment threshold can be set from $10 up to $1,000,000. The default setting is $100, you can manually set down on up to $ 10 – but you have to keep in mind that a fee of $ 2.50 applies per check.

The other possibility is that of a direct bank transfer to the account. But here’s a small hook, for a transfer to the account will be activated only after two valid check. Billing cycles are every two weeks. So if you have received a check after a month twice, so you can unlock for the convenient “Online Banking” and gets his money without detours directly to the account. Before there is a payoff, some criteria must be met. You can read more details in ClickBank Accounting Policy.

Pro and Con of clickbank


Simple to start

You can instantly start to join clickbank because clickbank hasn’t require your experience or website. Some affiliate network require your experience and professional website before approve you into their network.

Recurring commissions

This is great option for me. Clickbank is one in a few affiliate network that support recurring commissions (Membership or subscribe). You can make passive income in this system.

Variety product niche


Clickbank is world largest affiliate. They have variety niche categories. If some product is not convert or sale. You can find new relate product to promote.

Rapidly paymentClickbank payment

If you choose direct deposite payment. They have 1 or 2 week payment option. You can control your cash flow, which different some affiliate networks. You will get paid after 30 or 60 days when you reach their payment condition .


High refund
Clickbank have made a 60-day money back guarantee that makes people after they purchase product. People have chance to get back money, if product isn’t work and less informative. This is good option for customer but isn’t good for affiliate and vendor. Clickbank need to save their customer if some product is not good quality. When customer require refund product, you will lost this commission.

Deficient  Promotion support

Clickbank does not provide affiliates with keyword, banners or conversion tracking tools, which compare some affiliate network I also have join . They have all these supports it will help me more to promote affiliate product. You will manage it yourself before to promote clickbank product.


Clickbank is scam?

This is great question. Clickbank is not scam but they have million affiliate to promote product. Spamming maybe possible from someone who want to get quick make money by don’t care less condition and terms. In payment, They always pay on time, I have join clickbank around 2 years. I haven’t problem about payment with clickbank.

How to successfully sell with Clickbank products

I recommend you choose a product that you think that it is good and could sell well. For this it is advisable to get the product once to buy themselves in order to make sure of the quality, because if the customer should return the product, also get you any commission for the sale, so the quality is only once the first important decision criterion.
Check whether there is any demand for the product. That you recognize the one hand on the already sold amount and the number of Gravity (A number that indicates how many affiliates in what quantity products through Clickbank selling) and by corresponding Google search.
How effective is the sales page?

The You check for yourself and you read through the sales page. Imagine you had a strong interest for the product.

Keeps you playing the sales page? Shows them you on the benefits of the product and they answered the most important question: “Why the customer needs just this product?”
Check if there is an affiliate page or a support area for affiliates. If the seller is important that many sales are generated, it has also created a specially designed sales page, with free texts, banners, mailings, reviews, etc.
Check the support of the seller, by asking a potential customer typical question – because the support is decisive for whether customers are satisfied or not and whether they keep the product or return again.

ClickBank Tips and Tricks?

Is the question. Now How to apply a ClickBank product? Perhaps the simplest and also a very effective way is to create blogs, so-called niche sites that focus only on one topic (Don’t worry,  I will teach you a step by step in next chapter), namely the issue of supply of the product and the customer a lot of information about it. I am a friend of good content – because in the long run only wins good content! So you have to register a keyword domain, draw a WordPress blog and post good content and thus provide added value for the customer and inform him very well. In addition, you are applying the ClickBank product for further information. With some SEO work you have in brief a page on which you generate free traffic and sell a Clickbank product.

The other option, which is very lucrative, which apply through Google Adwords is directly on the landing page, provided with your affiliate ID. Here, however, a lot of experience in dealing with Google Adwords should be present, as it very much comes to demographics, landing pages, banner, call-to-actions, click prices, titles and descriptions, split tests, etc. here.

Furthermore, Facebook Ads offers also a very simple but effective way to promote Clickbank products that can lead to a bit of experience and skill and the necessary creativity to financial success. For this purpose, but in another article more

That was a comprehensive introduction to the ClickBank affiliate network with all its pitfalls and obstacles, as well as positive aspects. If you are expert in your niche. Creating product yourself and join as vendor in clickbank for passive income by use affiliate maketer promote your product.

For any further questions or comment. I’d to hear your comment and suggestion.



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  2. Hi, regarding Clickbank – do you have recommendations about improving sales on a non-niche website? I have a file sharing webpage and as such it’s near impossible to match offers to the visitor. Best wishes

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